Two kids stories

The story #1. Yesterday, my son (he’s in the seventh grade) asked me if I knew how to send a letter without a post stamp? I knew, but was hoping that he’d tell me a different story. Nope, it was the same advice that one poor immigrant gave me about 15 years ago. This is an illegal but an elegant advice – if you need to send a letter, say to Joe Smith, write his name and address in the return section of the envelope, and your name and address in the recipient’s section. Drop it in the mailbox without affixing any post stamps. The post office will “return” this letter to Joe Smith with a reminder about missing postage. Messing out with mail is a federal offense, so please do not even think about doing this, but isn’t it cute?

When I asked my son where did he find out about this, he said at, a Web site were all kids go when they are bored.

The story #2. My colleague’s daughter is even younger than my son, and this is her story. In every organization where you work there is always a lonely person, nobody likes him, he’s not being invited to parties, after-work drinks et al. You should always buy candies, stop by this person’s cube, smile to him and offer candies, because when he will be fired and will come back next day with a gun methodically shooting each of the former co-workers, he’ll stop by your cube, will think for a moment, “Hmm, this person was giving me candies” and will proceed to the next cube.

Isn’t it just a tiny bit strange that such stories are being told by kids? Can you share with us your kid’s story?


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