Will Teach Java for Food in Your Country

Will Teach Java for Food in Your Country

Do you want to have a Java master class in your country and your town?

I’m ready to teach Java for food.

Does this mean that it won’t cost anything to you or your firm? No, this means that I will not make any money out of it.

Here “s your part:

1. Your town must be located within 9 hours of direct flight from New York.

2. You purchase two roundtrip air tickets and arrange for hotel transfer.

3. You book a room in a decent hotel in your town for two-three nights.

4. You pay for food.

5. If your country requires entry visas for US citizens, you pay the consulate fees.

Here “s my part:

I “ll deliver two six-hour training sessions. This can be Java basics tutorials or separate presentations on more advanced topics (Just print a program of one of the seminars Weekend With Experts to see my presentations).

This training should be scheduled either on Saturday/Sunday, or on Sunday/Monday.

Who am I to teach you Java?

I “m a J2EE architect and developer working for Wall Street financial companies, but most of all I enjoy travel and teaching programming languages (I teach Java part time at New York University). I authored/co-authored three books and has written dozens of technical articles. I “m a contributing editor at Java Developer’s Journal. I lead the Princeton Java Users Group. Recently Sun Microsystems has awarded me a title of Java Champion.

If you want to contact me regarding this deal, please send me an email at yakovfain@sys-con.com

Fine print: this offer does not apply to the cities located in USA and Canada.


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