My role model: Sang Shin

Sang Shin is Java Evangelist working for Sun Microsystems. No, he’s a super evangelist, because besides being a Java guru he’s also passionate about this language. If for any weird reason you do not know his Java Passion site, check it out now. Sang creates these excellent free online courses, he teaches live and online, he’s constantly traveling around the globe promoting this great language/technology that we all enjoy for years. Just check out his calendars for 2006, 2005, 2004…

I know Sang personally, and had a privilege of having him as a speaker on one of my Weekend With Experts seminars. Besides being a great speaker, he’s a very open and friendly person . Last month I’ve seen him at JavaOne: Sang was responsible for running hands-on labs at this event.

Sang’s latest creation is the AJAX Training Workshop.

I do not know how much Sun Microsystems pays him, but I’m sure it’s not enough for what Sang is doing for the popularization of Java technologies around the world.


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