Why Jonathan Schwartz made the list of people who do not matter?

CNN published a list of ten people “who do not matter “. Surprisingly enough, the newly appoined CEO of Sun Microsystems has made this list. This is what they write about Jonathan:

“Sun’s newly appointed CEO is full of ideas – some of which he airs on his blog – and he’s making much-needed cuts in the company’s bubble-bloated workforce. But none of that will be enough to change the underlying dynamic: Sun’s server business has become a commodity, and the company is not making enough money from software like Java to supplement its shrinking hardware profit margins. Schwartz’s latest push – more energy-efficient servers – is rapidly being copied by other computer makers. Sun has always dared to be different, but soon it will have to join the rest of the industry and start making some money too. ”

I do not think it’s fair assessment. The guy has just started and at least deserves some time to try to make a difference. CNN states that this list is just an interesting read…Not too me though…

Here’s another bald statement from the article:

“But as respected as they might be for their past achievements, their best days are behind them. ”

I do not think this applies to Jonathan Schwartz… I hope not.


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