The City of New York

The City of New York is in stable economical condition

I “ve been listening to the radio and the talk host said that the New York City is in “stable economical condition and is heading in the right direction. Its budget deficit will drop from $4B to $1.5B rdquo;. This does not mean much for many people, but just go 4 years back. These 19 animals killed thousands of people, destroyed the Twins, and seriously damaged the city “s economy. Many people predicted that New Yorkers will be leaving the City, the real estate prices would drop, the tourists would avoid New York, people would stay out of job, yada-yada-yada. Guess what, none of this have happened! The real estate prices in Manhattan are skyrocketing (about a $1000 a square foot), the hotels and the restaurants are full of tourists and locals, and there are plenty of jobs (for those who is willing to work).

The Mayor Bloomberg does not have as much charisma as the former Mayor Giuliani, but he knows his shit. Sure enough, there are these Unions, that are like the splinters in a healthy middle finger, and as I write this, I “m not sure if I “ll have a ride home: they are threatening to go on strike today hellip; But what you “re going to do hellip; The world is not perfect.

I “m on the bus now and am sort of restricted in actions: all I can access is my laptop and this lady sleeping next to me. But if you can, grab a can of beer, a glass of wine, or a shot of vodka and drink it to the City of New York!


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