Transit Unions must be banned

Today is a third day of the transit workers strike in New York. Their union moron-leaders say, “Dear New Yorkers, we apologize for the inconvenience “. It’s similar to a situation when a maniac killer tells to his victim, “Sorry, but I have to kill you, otherwise I’ll feel depressed “.

These criminals do not care that because of them hundreds of small businesses will go bankrupt. Many of them are surviving day in and day out relying on the cash flow from their customers. But their customers can not get to these businesses. Sorry guys, we have to put you out of business , because we’d like to improve our pensions…

MTA workers complain that they have to work overtime to earn $50-60K a year. I have a suggestion for you how to make $50K a year working from 9 to 6. Just get your lazy ass to school for four years, get $50K worth of students loans, study hard and after going through all these hassles become a computer programmer with a $50K annual salary. Most likely though, you will not enjoy the same benefits as you have now, but I’m sure you’ll fix it by going on strike! Start with threatening your manager that you’ll stop writing if-statements first. If this does not help, stop using loops and iterators. If your manager still does not want to bend, stop instantiating any objects.

Now the union leaders are trying to play dirty, “This billionaire mayor does not understand the needs of working people “. These welfare products do not see that this mayor helped to reduce the city deficit from $4B to $1.5B after the damage caused by 9/11.

They go even further, “our workers are predominantly black and Latinos, that’s why our needs are not addressed “. Yeah, right! Thank you, OJ!

If I was a mayor, I’d start training people to drive buses. And I’d do it today. It’s not too late, we’ll adjust to the new way of commuting to work, and in a week the busses can start moving people. Lots of computer programmers who lost their jobs will be happy to drive city buses. Mayor Bloomberg, do not negotiate with criminals. Play hard!


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