Thoughts while sitting at the SOA seminar

I’m honestly trying to weed out at least some useful info while attending a seminar on service-oriented architecture. I’m not sure why they are doing this to people… Noise-to-value ratio is about 95-to-5. And the 95 percents of the noise is not just the white noise you can simply ignore. It’s into-your-face marketing. There’s exhibitor “s floor, which is where the marketing should reside, but the marketing is leaking… no, it’s floating into the conference rooms. Here “s an example of what the meeting organizers did: they “ve named a particular technical session without any mentioning of vendors, but the presentation actually started with a vendor introducing their product implementing the technology in question, then an investor explained why they’ve invested into this vendor, and finally, a business client of this vendor told us how they implemented this software. It’s really sad…

I do not mind marketing, but why did we have to pay even a penny to attend this event, if its organizers are paid already by selling the exhibition space to the vendors and letting the vendors promote their products in the conference rooms? Registration has to be free!

Anyway, I was able to make this seminar useful for myself by stopping by the vendors ” tables and talking to their technical representatives. May be this is the right way to go? Just register for a show that has vendors presenting technologies you “re interested in, and talk directly with the vendors. Yes, they will ask for your business card. Yes, their goal is to sell you their product, but at least you “ll have a chance to talk to a knowledgeable technical person who will be able to answer your questions.

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