The next Princeton JUG meeting


Our next Princeton GUG meeting is about Spring Framework and it’ll

take place on March 21, from 6:45PM to 8:45PM at Infragistics.

What is Spring? Why is it so popular? Go past the hype and find out

why many developers are using the Spring framework to make their

everyday tasks easier and improve their application design. An

overview of Spring will be presented for beginners outlining the

basics of Spring IOC and AOP. Code examples will include using Spring

and Jencks to do Message Driven Beans without an EJB container, using

Spring with XFire to remote enable any POJO, using

MethodInvokingFactoryBeean to inject dependencies (listerners) into

POJO’s, and an example of using a standalone application that calls

stateless business services (singleton service objects).

Presenters: John Menke, Edgar Dollin, and Antony Fallabella

As usual, we’ll be running some book raffles, featuring the book

Pro Spring by Apress.

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