Presenting the upcoming Flex and Java book


Did you watch Sopranos yesterday? Is this show at least as good as AJAX or what?

After spending 8 years with Java, I still miss my PowerBuilder. I miss the ease development of the rich GUI interfaces. Unfortunately, PowerBuilder did not make it to the Web. In the Java world, GUI development was sort of a family Cinderella. So I kept looking hellip;

Finally, the latest version of Flex framework from Adobe met my expectations. It has an excellent Eclipse-based GUI designer, a rich library of GUI widgets that are elegantly presented using the XML-based language, it comes with the server-side enterprise services, JMS support, et al. The GUI clients are compiled and run in a VM also known as Flash, which is available on almost all platforms. But most importantly (at least for me), it integrates easily with Java on the server side.

At the same time, after spending years developing clients and frameworks for the Web, two top-notch programmers, independent consultants, Victor Rasputnis and Anatole Tartakovsky have also decided to invest their time and expertise in Flex. So three of us decided to join our efforts, and now we are working on a book on architecture and development of rich internet application with Flex and Java. This book will offer practical and real-world solutions for anyone who is working in this area.

Since this is an AJAX seminar, you might want to know that there is an open source Flex-AJAX bridge called FABridge. Anyway, in about six months, our book on RIA with Flex and Java will become available from Sys-Con Books. We are also planning to add some sample chapters and working demos to the book “s web site. I hope you “ll like our book.

Meanwhile, enjoy today “s seminar!


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