Google helps Adobe, but disapoints Yahoo!

Check out another Google’s beauty : Google Finance. Guess what technology they are using for charting ?

Seems like Adobe Flex with Charting Components? Just click on the chart and start dragging the mouse?

No, this is ain’t Google maps and ain’t JavaScript either. Just right click on the chart and you’ll see that it lives in the virtual machine called Adobe Flash Player, which is part of of Flex.

Our upcoming Flex/Java book will show you what can you do by combining these two powerful languages/technologies.

Now go to Yahoo! Finance and try to do the same thing with their charts. I know, I know. This body is cold and does not move. People from Yahoo! Finance should pre-order our book ASAP 🙂

Jeremy Zawodny used to work for Yahoo! Finance, and now he’s sad… But the good news that Yahoo! has started working with Flex long time ago (Yahoo! maps Beta), and I’m sure they’ll catch up with Yahoo! Finance as well.


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