JavaOne notes. Meeting with vendors: Xythos

This company offers an interesting alternative to full fledged Enterprise Content Management systems. To put it simple, they allow multiple users located literally anywhere in the world work on the same document. Xythos is a Web application that can be deployed on any J2EE server. They do not need to know what kind of documents you store (MS Word, .ppt, .xyz, .whatever), they just provide a way to organize, locate, retrieve, lock, check-in/check out the documents stored in any devices you like. Your database (Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, PostgreSQL) stores the metadata about your documents and you arrange the documents in the file directories of your choice. Versioning of the documents is also supported.

You can use Xythos in three modes:

a) access through a standard Web interface,

b) by means of Microsoft “s Webfolders

c) by Xythos windows file system driver, which allows you to work with the documents offline.

The company also provides a Java API, so you can integrate it in your existing Java applications and develop your own GUI interface if needed. The company is in business since 1999 and has 2.5 million users.

Disclaimer: All this info was provided by the vendor.


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