My first year of blogging

After my first year of blogging I’ve decided to run through all the entries, statistics and some of my favorite blogs. These are the results:

1. I wrote 124 blog entries during the year. I usually write at 6AM before going to work.

2. As per blog-city statistics, during the month of May my blog had about 20K hits. I’m not exactly sure what the “hit ” means, but the number of them steadily grows.

3. Some people have subscribed to my blog so they receieve an email every time I publish an entry. I do not know who they are – subscriptions are anonymous

4. The following blog entry set up the record on the number of reads (I’m not sure why though): Java failure can lead to death

5. And these are my 10 blog entries that are a like more than others:

Why People in the USA are Polite and Smiley

My Upcoming vacation: JavaOne

Interviewing techniques: Give a second chance

Yakov’s Diet

Today’s morning commute

Eclipse to Borland: you can run but you can’t hide

Yakov on Joel I’ll meet Joel Spolsky in person next week at the conference in NYC

Russian Programmers

When computer programming will die out as a trade in the USA

Sun Microsystems must hire me. I’ll wait till they complete the announced layoffs…

Why do I blog? Because I like. I usually have my own opinion on everything that’s happening in the software industry, and since there are plenty of news every day, I just put my opinion on “paper ” without thinking twice. Some bloggers would say that they blog “to give back to the community “. What a BS! I do it for myself. Once in a while I write to promote my books, training, or whatever else. But I need you guys to read my blog. Please do so and leave your comments: I read each of them.

Have a great weekend!


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