From ASCII-Art to Steve Jobs

Many years ago, while applying for a college, I ‘ve selected Applied Math as my major. I made this decision after seeing a computer printout on the wall of the admission office. This was an ASCII representation of cartoon characters.

After college, I ‘ve started working as a computer programmer in a data center that was processing payroll on mainframes. During the third shift, when no bosses were around, we were printing images of Mona Liza that were manually created by some geeks from ASCII characters.

I was able to find a similar image at

These days anyone could do it using so-called ascii-art generator programs, and you can find lots of them by following this link.

But no matter how far technology goes, there ‘s always a place for creativity. Today, I ran into an amazing image of Steve Jobs made out of the images of Apple ‘s paraphernalia. This is a creation of the Flikr user tsevis. Here ‘s the URL. To really appreciate this piece of art, select the original size on top. My hat off to you, tsevis!


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