Several Upcoming Flex Events

At this point I “m working on a couple of new presentations for a bunch of upcoming conferences and seminars and that will take place in Flex community world wide.While in the past, I was trying to create cool presentations, now I wantbe even cooler and… deliver a booring one.

This upcoming Monday, I “ll be speaking at the Flash Camp Wall Street in New York City. It has great speakers and the best part is that there “s only has one track so attendees will have nowhere to hide from my talk described below:

A boring presentation on Flex libraries and modules

Everyone have heard of RSLs and “Merged into code ” link options. But do you really see the connection between the library linkage and your enterprise application performance? Do you know what and when goes over the wire to your users? Do you really understand the difference between the RSL and External linking of Flex libraries? Do you know when to use libraries and when to use modules? Do you know the difference between modules and sub-applications? Do you know how to arrange for a smarter RSL downloads? If you answered “Yes ” to most of these questions, don ‘t waste your time attending this presentation cause it “ll be so boooring for you.

In two weeks my colleague Victor and I will be teaching our advanced Flex 2-day workshop that becomes more and more popular. Moscow, Russia becomes our next destination after New York, Boston, Toronto and London. If you can read Russian, here “s the link for you. In the first quarter of 2010 we are planning to run it in Warsaw, Poland and Kiev, Ukraine.

One person told me that it “s stupid to go to freezing Moscow in December. No biggies. We like cold vodka.

In March, I “ll be presenting at 360 Flex in San Jose . I love this conference for developers and by developers. If I “d be sentenced to spend the rest of my life in a desert island and was allowed to take only one Flex conference with me, I “d take 360 Flex. During this event I “ll show a cool little Flex application that lives inside the PDF and is played by Acrobat Reader.

Flash and the City is the new kid on the block. Check it out: . Excellent faculty and aggressive pricing will bring several hundreds of Flex and Flash developers to New York City. If everything goes as planned, I “ll be able to demo something that “s slowly brewing at Farata Systems under the working title “Fluid PDF Forms rdquo;. Duane Nickull “s band 22nd Century will be on stage helping attendees to forget everything they “ve learned in the classrooms.

I “ve mentioned just the conferences where I “m involved as a speaker. But there will be plenty of other gatherings of Flex developers during the same period of time. Be there.


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