Data synchronization with AIR and BlazeDS

One of the main selling points of Adobe AIR is its ability to support occasionally connected applications. Imagine a salesman on the road working with an application without having a network connection. As an example, this can be a salesman of a pharmaceutical company visits medical offices offering their new pills called Xyzin.

While in doctor “s office, she uses an AIR application to take notes about this visit. The notes are saved in the local SQLite database that comes with AIR. But as soon as the Internet connection becomes available (at Starbucks or at home), the local data get synchronized with a central database.

Adobe offers a data synchronization solution based on Data Management Services for those who own the licenses of LiveCycle Data Service. But those application developers who use an open source BlazeDS don “t have any generic way of setting such data synchronization.

We came up with a such solution that will be included in the upcoming version 3.2 of our framework Clear Toolkit .

Watch the following screencast to see a demo application which shows such data synchronization in action:


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