Adobe MAX 2008. Blog #0.

Leaving for MAX 2008 in a day. Had to sign the Speaker ‘s agreement. This is not unusual, but this time it was a 5(!) page agreement. Lawyers run America.

How do you like this clause:

“Speaker shall take all necessary precautions to prevent injury to to any persons (including employees and other agents of Adobe) or damage property (including Adobe ‘s property) while performing the Services. ”

Since I don ‘t have a PR agent, I have to make the following public statement by myself:

“I ‘m a peaceful person and go to MAX 2008 with an open heart and best wishes to all persons (including employees and other agents of Adobe). I ‘m not going to get into a fist fighting with anyone (including those who developed Flex Builder), not going to bite any of the 5000 attendees (especially those Adobe employees who are busy with renaming Thermo).

I ‘m not going to damage anyone ‘s reputation (including developers of PureMVC framework) for abuse of design patterns. I ‘m ready to buy a beer to any Adobe Flex team member who can convince me that LCDS is that much better than BlazeDS. ”

Meanwhile, O ‘Reilly authors ‘ panel Flex Architecture Faceoff is almost sold out – according to the speaker ‘s Web site, there is only about 15 out of 350 seats left. Hope to see you there.

If you can ‘t make it, I invite you to a BOF on Flex frameworks on Monday in room MW 2012 at 9:30PM – let ‘s talk about Flex frameworks. If you can ‘t make it,let ‘s talk about it at 360MAX corner on Tuesday morning.

On Wednesday afternoon I ‘ll drive to San Jose to explain the crowd at SOAWorld 2008 how to administer some Botox injections to their clients .

Stay tuned.


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