My talks on Flex, JavaFX and a $300 coupon

During the next three months I “ll be making a number of technical presentations for Flex and Java developers. These are the confirmed events:

1. New York Flex User “s Group, February 19, Flex design patterns, details should be available soon at

2. Java developers conference in Atlanta, March 11 – a keynote on comparing technologies for rich Internet applications and a technical session on automatic code generation for CRUD RIA. Details at

3. Chicago Flex User “s Group, March 18, Flex design patterns,

4. Princeton Java User “s group, Developing Pet Store in JavaFX. I “ll schedule this meeting some time in March. Keep an eye on

5. Flex conference 360Flex, Indianapolis, IN, May 18-20, Design patterns: a Deep Dive:

My colleague Victor and I will run a two-day public workshop for enterprise Flex architects in New York city on March 2-3, details are available at . Readers of this blog will get $300 discount by entering a special code adjusting2crisis during registration.

That “s all for now.

Yakov Fain


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