Carcast #2: Joels new book, MVP scandal and Flex 3

This podcast is my selection of the recent online news not to be missed

1. Joel Spolsky publishes a book “Smart and getting things done rdquo;

2. Microsoft threaten to sue an MVP Jamie Cansdale :

3. Adobe Apollo is called Adobe Integrated Runtime goes to beta

4. Flex 3 goes to beta . Most important additions: smaller size SWF, new advanced datagrid component, Flex Component Kit for Flash CS3.

5. David Heinemeier Hansson: “You are not in a plane rdquo;, Sergey Brin: it sucks when you are on the plane and…

6. Hackers are cowards

7. More on Paris Hilton

8. The Sopranos show is over

Update: after listening to this podcast one of my colleagues was surprised that Sergey Brin ‘s plane does not have an Internet connection


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