Two sacred cows – Ajax and Paris Hilton

Last Monday I was participating in the rich Internet application panel that has been broadcasted live from Times Square. The recording of this session is available. Unfortunately, none of my comments on Ajax made it to the recording (they were mainly negative). So do not be surprised hearing Coach Wei answering my comments, which you ‘ve actually never heard. No big deal, you can hear my raw unedited comments on current rich internet application technologies in my podcast at this URL .

AJAX is one of the most searchable technical words today. One of the most popular searches in the non-technical world is the name Paris Hilton.

Forget Ajax, what really bothers me is the fact that Paris Hilton is prematurely out of jail “because of an unspecified medical problem “. Money talks in the USA. “Under the new agreement, Hilton would be confined to her home for 40 days “. This sucks big time!

Update: Paris is back in jail, and for more details on the “unspecified medical problem ” listen to the podcast #2.


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