More on enterprise Flex development

The rough cuts version of the first chapter of our book “Enterprise Development with Flex ” is already available for subscribers of Safari Books Online .

The first published chapter is about the use of selected design patterns in Flex. This is not a tutorial, but rather a bunch of illustrations of why and how you can use some of the patterns in Flex. For example, everyone know what Singletons are for. In this chapter you ‘ll see how you can use Flex Application object as a singleton storing your business objects. Yep, no need to clutter your code with tons of XYZ.getInstance() calls.

Or take an ObjectProxy class – you can easily use it as a wrapper to any other ActionScript class adding a new functionality to the class being wrapped even when you don ‘t have access to the source code of this class.

Mediator is my favorite design pattern for UI development with Flex. A component A talks to a component B in a loosely-coupled manner via a mediator using custom events.

We ‘ve already submitted six chapters to O ‘Reilly, and hopefully more of the rough cuts will be published in February. In one of them we compare Flex frameworks, the other shows you how to extend Flex components to make them smarter, chapter 10 is about Flex portals, chapter 7 is about loaders and modularization, chapter 4 deals with BlazeDS and AMF, chapter 4 talks about a set of tools that an enterprise Flex team should consider.

My co-authors work on their chapters late at night, but I “m more productive during wee hours. In particular, this Saturday morning I “ve been working on the AIR chapter. It will include sample occasionally-connected application for the salesmen of the Acme Pharm company. You “ll see how to synchronize data between the local and remote databases via BlazeDS. Next week I ‘m planning to record a screencast showing this application in action.

I ‘ll finish up this brief post with an announcement for enterprise architects who somehow came to the conclusion that Adobe Flex is the right technology for development RIA. My colleague Victor and I will run a two-day workshop for application architects and development managers giving a compressed overview of the proper way of running Flex projects. This is a unique class that ‘s not offered anywhere else. The class will take place om March 2 and 3 in New York City, and the early bird price will expire in 5 days. Details at

Yakov Fain


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