More on women in Information Technology

Some time ago I was whining/blogging about a lack of women in information technology. A professional journalist Jeremy Geelan have picked this blog and made a story out of it called “Can i-Technology Be Feminized “. Since then, I’ve attended a couple of more IT events, did not find many females there and almost forgot about this topic, but…

A group of IT women decided to fight for encouraging young women to consider computer career. No, they did not blog or complain. They’ve chosen a tried-and-true method: they took their clothes off. Literally. These smart ladies have published a calendar of IT professionals undressed. I like Sharon, general manager, left. I wonder if she was swiming with her blackberry? But if Sonja from IT amp;T, right, will place this rose petals photo in her office, her status meetings may become less productive.

As per The Sydney Morning Herald, Ms Bernhardt, the founder of Women in Technology Queensland (WIT) and co-founder of Australian Women in IT (AWISE) explained:

“The method in the madness is to get to a broader audience so that people can see that it’s not nerds in the IT industry. ” And more, “They are full bodied, fully intelligent, fully socialized women who absolutely love what they do. ” Well said and done!

If Australian women could pull it off, we can do it to. IMHO, each IT department must publish their own version of such calendar where the women they see each day in “business casual ” will be pictured in bikinis. Here’s what you need:

1. One digital camera

2. One color printer

3. Kodak (or similar) photo paper

The rest is easy: just stop by the cubicles of your female coworkers, explain them your intentions, ask them to sign a form stating that they won’t press the sexual harassment charges against you. After the sexual harassment waiver is signed (not before! The order is very important here) ask them to undress a little bit.

You’ll be surprised, but at least a half of them will agree to pose for this very noble goal: bringing more women in IT.

When your calendar is ready, publish it online and pin the printed version on the wall of your pantry room. HR department will count this action as a “Team Builder ” event!

Preview and purchase this calendar: this is the very least you can do if you’d like to support this movement.


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