Watching THE football: World Cup final

Italy vs France…It’s twenty five minutes and two Leff beers into the final game…It’s 1:1 and the game is great!

I love France (was skiing there in January), and I love Italy (attended a wedding in Stresa in May)!

I’m wondering, why good football players are making good money while good programmers are not?

It should be a simple math: if Zidane helps to make a team, say $100M, it’s reasonable for him to make $10M.

But if a really good software developer helps a Wall Street company make a $100M because he wrote this very efficient program, why s/he does not get $10M? It’s not fair…

Update: it’s 71 minute and three Leffe beers into the game…1:1… My wife is an Italian fan. Why? Their players are more handsome then French…Just saw Bill Clinton there sipping wine. I’m wondering if he’s drinking Italian or French wine?

Update: 110 min are over. Zidane hits an Italian guy with his head. Italian player immediately falls down, as per the final training session. Zidane gets a red card and is out. Screw Zidane. This is really bad…If Someone is watching us from the above. France must lose this game.

Sorry guys, for not using the word “soccer ” in this blog, because it’s football, really: there is a foot kicking a ball. Get it? foot-ball…

P.S. French cuisine is out of this world, sorry Italy. Ironically, we are going to a Thai restaurant after the game.


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