Ive learned a new English word

I’m really impressed by how easily new words are introduced to the English language. This one came from the world of programming.

Last weekend we’ve had a mini family vacation. Since I always have with me my laptop that is equipped with a broadband Internet connectivity, I’m always online. This also helps a lot when you are traveling in a car/bus/train (I’m publishing this blog while sitting on the bus that is moving on a highway). It also helps when your kid is bored in a hotel room…

When I found my 12-year old son was using my laptop,we’ve had this conversation:

“What are you doing, Dave? ”

“Watching a cartoon on youtube.com “.

“How is it? ”

“It’s nice, but a bit buffery ”

When the Internet connection is a bit slow for a video stream, it takes time to fill the buffer with all these bytes, hence a new word: buffery. A year ago he would have said “It’s nice, but a bit choppy ” or something…

Any good programming language is easily extendable. The same holds true for human languages. I love English!


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