Smart People: Adam Kolawa

There is not too many obviously smart people among us, and when you run into one of them, enjoy the moment.

This week I had a chance to spend a half an hour with Dr. Kolawa, the founder of Parasoft.

I met him about first time about a a year ago and had a priviledge to write an article together. He’s a founder and a CEO of a 300 people company, and many people believe that he’s selling software to help you with testing your programs.

Dr. Kolawa showed me his suite of products in action. It’s much more than just help with testing. His family of products helps development managers (who care) to move to the 22st century style of project development and management. If you properly use his tools, you can produce a tremendous amount of clean code with half of the workforce you have today. But his software is not a magic wand: you have to use it properly.

If you are tired of being a firefighter, want to be a better manager and really care about the quality of your software, call Parasoft and ask for an appointment with Dr. Kolawa. He travels a lot, and the chances are that he’ll be coming to a town near you. Talk to this guy, enjoy this conversation, buy his software, but be smart. As Jon Kern put it, “A fool with a tool is still a fool “.


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