Entering Japan

This morning I needed to meet a friend at the Miami airport, which has the MIA code.  Went to Google maps to get driving directions,  typend MIA, but selected the wrong line from the autocompletetion dropdown – it was ” Mie Prefecture, Japan”.

Google Maps obediently offered me these funny directions below. I had to cross the USA, then sail to Japan. Especially I like the part “Entering Japan, Turn left”. After that I should  ” Turn left at 県道263号線” whatever it means.   It takes only  90 easy steps from where I am to Japan.

Happy New Year, everyone!japan


3 thoughts on “Entering Japan

  1. Hey, Mie is a beautiful place! It contains the Ise Shrine, which is the heart of Japanese Shinto and has been in service for thousands of years. If you ever get a chance to really go to Japan, check it out! 😉

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