SD Times Top 100 Awards

I’m a long time subscriber of SD Times magazine. This is an interesting publication for software architects. In particular, as a Java person, I read a well written Alan Holub’s column. In May, I had a chance to chat with Alan at the recent JavaOne conference.

Anyway, SD Times has published Fourth Annual SD Times 100 Awards. This list has not been built by the readers of the magazine, but as stated, is an opinion of the editors of SD Times. But I have a feeling that this list was created by one person based on his/her knowledge and personal preferences. Otherwise, how would you explain the folliwing mistakes:

1. The Test and QA category does not even mention a serious testing software from Parasoft.

2. Rich Client : I wonder if SD Times have heard that Adobe kinda bought Macromedia last year?

3. Rich Client : What Ruby on Rails is doing in this category?

4. Build management: Where’s Maven?

If more that one person would be working on this list, it’s quality would be a little better. I might be wrong though…


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