I support Israel

I am a technical writer and hate politics. But there are times when you can’t write only about information technology. I’m sure that other IT bloggers have their opinion in this Israel vs. Terrorism fight. Please speak up. Declare your position in this war.

Such a small country as Israel does the dirty job for all civilized countries. If Israel would not be fighting with them, you’d hear more explosions in New York, London, Mumbai… They’d come to YOU, right to your front door.

For those who forgot…all war conflicts between Israel and whoever were started not by Israel. Some political leaders (Putin) say that response should be proportional…What about Chechnya? How many people your army killed there? How many Afgan villages were set on fire by the US army as a response to a terrorist act with “minimal casualties “?

These terrorist-animals understand nothing but force. They put Katyusha’s in a specially equipped apartments in city quarters or in the residential areas . They do not let people leave their villages even after the warnings about expected bombings of Hezbollah properties. They do not care about their own people. These cowards are using women and kids as a live shield, and after the bombing they are happy to show off their grief in front of the TV camera next to a dead body of an innocent kid. Hamas is using the same tactics.

Stop the terror, stop hiding behind the backs of women and kids, and your kids will be alive. Both Israeli and Arab kids should not be raised hating each other.

They brainwash and send someone’s kids to become suicide bombers. They do not send their own kids to blow themselves up in the middle of a shopping center…

Signing bombs “To Hesbollah with love from Israel ” should not be the part of the childhood of Israeli kids or kids in any other country. This is insane!

I’m glad though that this time the Arab Times newspaper have published a sober opinion that points at the real enemies of the Arab nations.

Here’s another interesting interview by a Lebanese woman that may give you a different perspective on the conflict.

Anyway, I am for Israel. What about you?


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