Top ten ways to screw up an enterprise Java application

Tonight, I “ve attended Java SIG meeting in New York. CameronPurdy of Tangosol was presenting on ten thing that will help you to screw your enterprise Java application. This was a re-run of his JavaOne talk.

#10 To specify your data access model before you understand the granularity

#9 Assuming that container will take care of transactions

#8 Using a stateless architecture

#7 Design the application for deployment on a single server and assume that that server will handle reliability and scalability for you

#6 Using popular technologies such as WebServices for component integration and remoting

#5 Rolling your own frameworks

#4 Distributing of synchronous objects across the network

#3 Design logic and data flow assuming that this is a single user system

#2 Compensate for lack of knowledge of the application domain by maintaining flexibility

#1 Put off the system testing until the application is ready to deploy

It “s always fun to listen to Cameron.


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