Great Web site design with Flash

This Web site gives you an idea of HOW to design your future Web sites with Flash. It’s like this concept car that you see at an auto show: most likely it’ll never hit the road as displayed, but it shows you the trend. If you want to see a good example of a Rich Internet Application, check out the web site of J.K.Rowling. This is not just a Web site, this is a user experience.

Hey you, people designing Web sites for business applications, stop creating these plain looking boring Web sites. Your business users are people as well, and they want to have some fun at work. Your future site may not look exactly the same as this site for Harry Potter’s fans, but think out of the box and be creative. If you are given a functional spec with a last-century look and feel, suggest a different solution by creating a quick prototype in Flex/Flash and showing it to your business users. Chances are that they may like your design better, you’ll have more fun creating this Web application, and they will have more fun using it.


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