A couple of negative reviews of Ruby

The latest SDTimes magazine has published two editorials with negative reviews of the Ruby language

The first is negative, and the second one is not positive either..

Main complains are: long learning curve, slow execution and lack of tools.

I do not have experience with Ruby yet, but at least two out of these three cons would stop me from using any programming language. Long learning curve is no big deal. I can live with memorizing cryptic looking commands and operators: I still can not memorize all shortcut keys and commands of infamous vi editor, which does not stop me from using it – Google helps when needed.

But the other two are biggies: slowness and lack of tools. Programmers are spoiled these days by fast run-times, just-in-time compilers, and the like. Programmers are spoiled by excellent IDEs, debugger, progiles, test and reporting tools, etc. To put it simple… just give me a second to make the font larger

We need the full stack. That ‘s it. Period. Basta.

My primary language of choice is Java with abundance of everything. I need a really really good reason to switch. The fact that one language has an xyz element while another do not, is not a good reason to switch. We need a comfortable environments. Who can offer you this? Open source community? Yeah, right…see you in five years. It ‘s gotta be a commercial software company with a well oiled marketing machine. Otherwise expect the fate of Lisp or SmallTalk. Just having a group of loud enthusiasts does not cut it.

But Ruby has a chance, namely JRuby if Sun Microsystems will start pushing it. They ‘ve hired two lead JRuby developers , which may be a lot more important event for Ruby that existence of RoR and its followers. Let ‘s wait and see.


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