OReilly billing system sucks

This morning I tried to purchase a book from Oreilly Safari Web site. Twenty minutes later I still can ‘t paid for the book…

When I filled my credit card information online and pressed the button Submit, it gave me an error saying that they could not charge my credit card and should either contact the bank or use another one. I thought that there was a typo in the CC number, so I went to my account information page. Too late….The field with my correctly typed CC number was disabled and I could not do anything about it.

Then I called tech support and they politely explained me that the charge was denied by my bank (Amex) since it came from Netherlands. From where? I ‘m in New York. Let me pinch myself real quick…Yes, midtown Manhattan. No, I do not smoke weed, and never been to Amsterdam ‘s coffee shops.

Then I was told that O ‘Reilly keeps their billing servers in Netherlands, so the charges come to my bank from Europe. He said it ‘s not their fault that my bank set these restrictions and I should call my bank and authorize charges from Europe.

No guys, it ‘s not my banks problem. It ‘s your problem that you decided to outsource your billing to Netherlands (is it that cheap out there?). Outsourcing sucks. O ‘Reilly is the best publisher of technical books, but their billing system sucks. For now I just won ‘t buy this $30 book from Safari. I ‘m angry. Say No to drugs!


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