Brian Goetz has been hired by Sun

Brian Goetz, has been hired by Sun Microsystems as a Technical Evangelist and he will be joining the SE organization at Sun. Brian will get to continue his role in the Java Community as an “Evangelist “.

I have an honor to know Brian personally, and have to say that he belongs to a really small and exclusive group of experts who really know what ‘s uder the JVM ‘s hood, and what ‘s the best way to design multi-threaded applications.

My short review of his new book is located over here . This book is one of the best Java books of the year.

On one hand, Sun is laying off several thousands of people, on the other hand, they hire the best of the best: recently they ‘ve hired lead JRuby developers , and now Brian. I guess, JS decided to improve the overall quality of the workforce.

Congratulatins, Brian and good luck!


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