Joel against Sprint

Sprint sent their new phone to Joel Spolsky for a review. And he did it . Joel did not like the phone. Now Sprint does not like Joel.

I trust Joel ‘s review, but I ‘m still not sure if he should have published such an agressive post. Every pot has its lid. If the price is right, there could be many people who will like this phone. Because this may be the only phone/service with MP3 they can afford.

I often receive review copies of new books from publishers. Only some of them stand out, but I prefer not to write about the books I do not like. For example, I already had 4 books on AJAX, which I do not really like, so I just ignored them. Yesterday I ‘ve received the fifth one, which looks very promising. I ‘ll finish reading it in a couple of weeks and will write a review, if I still like it. Otherwise, I ‘ll keep my mouth shut. Being a book author myself, I know how much time the authors spent to give birth to their one and only. And again, each book has its readership, no matter I like it or not.


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