How to get rid of the coffee smell

Woke up and noticed a nice-looking coffee maker by the TV – complimentary from the hotel. How sweet! A sealed foil coffee bag is right there too. As per printed directions, I ‘m carefully tearing open package and removing filter pack. A really nice smell of a ground coffee fills the room.

The next set of directions is printed right on the coffee maker. Not a rocket science either. Pouring in a cup of fresh water, inserting the filter pack with coffee, pressing the red button…

Voila! One minute later, the fresh pure water was turned into a brown liquid with no taste, and more importantly no smell of coffee. Good job guys, you made it! This experiment always works in any hotel room regardless of the coffee or coffemaker brand.

The next destination is a street cafe where the coffee is not free, but has a taste and a smell.


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