Eating in Seattle

It ‘s my second day in Seattle – I ‘m here on Adobe Flex training business. After being in the classroom from 8 to 6, having a nice dinner helps. I was told that Seattle is famous for seafood, and there was a seafood place called Bonefish right by my hotel (belongs to the Outback chain). Boring place and boring food. Today, I decided not to take chances and asked for referrals at the hotel ‘s front desk, and they ‘ve suggested a place called Pasta Freska. On my own, I ‘d never even noticed this place, which is a small rancho squeezed inside a road fork. It ‘s very simple inside as well. The owner of the place started the dialog:

“Is there anything you do not eat? ”

“No ”

“How about a glass of wine? ”

“Thank you, but I prefer beer tonight ”

“I ‘ll bring you Peroni from Italy ”

“OK ”

Then I realized that this place does not have a menu. A nice smiling girl stopped by bringing something in a frying pan.

“What ‘s this? ”

“Some appetizer ”

I do not know what it was, but iIt was good. Then she brought me a green salad with a home made dressing. When I finished the salad, there was a pasta appetizer, I guess…Then, a tasty chicken cutlet with cashew nuts. When they brought me a seafood, I asked for another beer, and the owner simply said, “I ‘ll bring you a little bit darker beer this time ” – I did not resist. I enjoyed this game. He gave me a beer called India Pale from Oregon.

“Check, please ”

“You did not leave a little room for desert? ”

“No, thank you ”

Total damage: $31 + tips.

I have a reservation in a fancy restaurant for Friday night, but I ‘ll definitely will come back to Pasta Freska again this week. This is an experience.


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