On sharing the source code of reusable components

I ‘ve seen a couple of times the posts stating something like this: “Since I developed the XYZ component for my client, I can ‘t share the code with you “. I ‘m talking about something like a TreeView control with check boxes by each node, or a thread pool optimized for the use with long running transactions.

IMO, we can share the code developed for our clients as long as it does not reveal client ‘s specific information. The very word “reusable ” means that I can use these components in more than one project. I do not think that the members of Gang of Four were laying on the beach and came out with design patterns. Most likely they were working on the real projects for the brick and mortar clients.

Of course, you may remind me that Sir Isaac Newton,was sitting under an apple tree observing an apple fall to the ground, and when he saw the apple fall, he began to think about a specific kind of motion mdash;gravity. I ‘m sure, the corporate lawyers have already discussed this situation a million times, and Mr. Newton would not have a chance to share his invention with the mankind had he worked for a Fortune 500 company.

Anyway, what ‘s your take on this?


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