My upcoming Adobe Flex classes

After teaching Java for years, I ‘ve added yet another great tool to my menu: Adobe Flex 2. Beside being a developer who uses Flex 2 for real-world projects, I ‘m a co-author of the upcoming advanced book on developing RIA using Flex 2 and Java , which was not enough to become a certified Adobe Flex Instructor. I had to sit through a five day “train-the-trainer ” class taught by Adobe ‘s excellent instructor and book author (Matt Boles). After this class I had to pass the teaching exam by conducting a one-hour stand-up class using selected topics from Adobe ‘s training manuals. This was done and now I ‘m officially entitled to teach Flex 2 classes and use the courseware from Adobe.

Below is the list of my upcoming Adobe Flex 2 classes:

1. New York University , Manhattan.

This class consists of five evening sessions (Thursdays) over five weeks . This is a hands-on class, where I ‘ll cover all materials from the class Flex 2: Developing Rich Client Applications . This is a really great way to start your RIA-career in a slower pace.

2. Farata Systems , Manhattan, Dec 4-8. This course consists of five long days of intensive training: Flex 2: Developing Rich Client Applications and Flex 2: Data and Communications .

The students of these two classes will have preference in enrollment to yet another three days of the Advanced Flex training that will be taught by my colleage and co-author Dr. Victor Rasputnis in January 2007 (details will be announced shortly). This unique offering is not available from any other training provider.

I ‘d like to extend a special invitation to all of my former Java and PowerBuilder students to consider enrollment into one of the above classes if you ‘d like to be ahead of the crowd in your career planning.

To schedule private corporate onsite training anywhere in North America and Europe send an email at yfain at faratasystems dot com.


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