PHP eats Rails for breakfast?

Ran into some stats trying to show that PHP is the king of the open source. I ‘m neither into Ruby nor into PHP, but something in these charts does not sound right to me.

The author states “The world is shifting away from rich client applications, and towards the web. PHP looks like the language of choice in this new world. ” Congrats on such a smart conclusion! I ‘m not moving in into his “new world ” and prefer to stay with RIA in the older world.

The author counts the number of new lines of code in PHP, and his blue PHP line shoots right up in the blue sky. I ‘d suggest including Cobol in this chart to see some really impressive numbers, if you judge a success of a programming language by the number of lines of code.

Ruby folks are proud of the fact that their code is very compact… at the price of readability, of course. There is no free lunch, is there?

Anyway, I do not think this research is serious. What ‘s your opinion?


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