Play Station 3 craze

A new Sony game station comes out tomorrow, and people are camping out on the street by the stores for three days. The live as homeless on the street by the electronic store just to be able to get it on Friday. Sony is not capable of meeting the high demand and only a small number of lucky homeless will get it. I ‘ve seen them by the Best Buy store on the Fifth Avenue in Manhattan – due to limited space, they sit/sleep right on the road surrounded by a fence. I ‘ve seen them in New Jersey – lots of room there and people are living in tents. While a number of these people are just crazy addicts, some of them are just making money – if they ‘ll get this $600 game tomorrow, they ‘ll easily sell it on eBay for $2000 or more.

My son ‘s best friend Jared got selected by MTV and he started his 24-hour play session in MTV studios to win the game. But Jared has to play 24-hours non-stop and he has to talk while he ‘s playing. It ‘s an interesting set up – Jared is sitting with a remote in front of the window facing Times Square, while MTV broadcasts the game on a huge screen across the street. Good luck Jared! Check out the MTV site under 24-Hour PS3 Challenge.

But do not get upset – yet another super game station from Nintendo called Wii is coming out in a week or so, and they ‘ve produced enough copies for everyone. My youner son has prepared a PowerPoint presentation showing the great features of this new game explaining that we have no other choice but to buy it to him as a holiday gift.

Why these games do not affect me? I guess I ‘m too old …

Update: Jared won PS3 + 6 games he was playing +2 more games. A guy who was camping out in Connecticut got shot by the robbers.


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