I switched to AJAX and do not regret

I ‘ve been using so many different tools and techniques in the past, but nothing worked as reliable and fast as AJAX. In our family, I ‘m the one who cleans dishes that don ‘t fit in the dishwasher. No other cleanser works as good as AJAX.

I believe that popularity of AJAX chemicals contributes to popularity of AJAX as techniques for development of rich Internet applications. These techniques where known for more than six years, but only after the term AJAX was coined, it took off. Software developers are regular people and working with a tool at work that has the same name as something they use at home on a daily basis helps.

Microsoft came out with their tool for developing RIA called WPF. This acronym is not very familiar to people yet. Bill, if you read this blog, I “ve got an advice for you – purchase the rights for the WD-40 brand. This is a respected household name, and lots of IT managers grew up spraying everything that squeaks with this magic liquid.

Now it becomes clear why Java Swing is having hard times in RIA – people do not swing as often as they use Ajax.

Take Open Laszlo ndash; it sounds like something Hungarian. Guys, you have a nice tool but most of your customers are not from Budapest ndash; re-brand it.

On the same note, I have a suggestion to the newly appointed Adobe head of global sales: purchase a micro-brewery that produces good beer, change its label to Flex and start shipping gift-wrapped cases of this beer to enterprise IT development managers. This is a how you win minds of decision makers. Besides, it “s a lot cheaper than purchasing online banners or real estate in professional magazines for advertisement.

This is what came to my mind after the New Year celebration. No, I did not drink too much.


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