What questions to ask during the job interview

Typically, at the end of job interview the interviewer asks you, “Do you have any questions for me? “. This is a very tricky situation – you may kill the deal by asking the wrong questions. I prefer asking something very neutral, like “How many people work on the project “, or “What would be my role if you ‘d hire me “. The job interview is not the right place for showing your attitude.

Bruce Eckel has published a blog where he lists a number of questions you may ask your perspective employer during a job interview. Even though Bruce tries to be careful in asking questions, you can still feel that he ‘s a senior guy who will eventually ask for some special arrangements like working from home or having flexible hours. My only advice to you is this – be careful during the interview. Get the offer first, and only after that ask your questions – you can always reject the offer if you don ‘t like the answers. Also, Bruce is a very respected person in the Java community, and his impeccable reputation allows him to ask more questions than a regular Java-Joe can.

I also enjoyed reading comments to Bruce ‘s blog. IMHO, most of these questions would kill the deal, and most likely none of these responders would actually ask these questions during the interview.

Some time ago I wrote an article on the interviewing process , which might be useful for people who are just starting dealing with job market.


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