My 15th anniversary in the USA

I have arrived to the USA on January 24, 1992. Today, I tried to recall things that seemed unusual, different or surprising. No comments, just the list. Each of these items deserves a separate blog, which I “ll write later. Anyway, let “s start.

– “How are you? rdquo; is not a question and you do not have to answer it.

– The usage of the phrase “You got it rdquo;

– You can improve any word by breaking it in the middle and inserting the word f..king there. The classical example from Pretty Woman is Cindef..kingrella.

– Kneeling buses ndash; disabled passengers are not second class citizens

– It “s very important to have good teeth.

– People can have different opinions and remain friends.

– The fact that you can buy speakers at WallMart for $10 does not mean that the speakers for $800 are good. There are also speakers for $8000 and for $80000.

– Computer programming is the best profession from the return on investment perspective. Six to twelve months of training can secure you $50K a year.

– If a patient is diagnosed with a terminal disease, he “ll be the first one to know about it, hot the relatives.

– Divorce for a man is extremely expensive.

– Too many lawyers per person.

– Having an American passport is not enough to prove your identity while applying for a renewal of a driver license.

– If you are driving a car and someone hits you from behind, it “s a good thing.

– Buy one get one free deals. If you buy what you don “t want, we “ll give you what you don “t need for free.

– If an interviewer asks you to evaluate your skills on the scale of 1 to 10, add 2-3 points ndash; the person who asks will subtract them anyway.

– If some one greets you with “How are you rdquo;, the only right answer is “Great rdquo;.

– If someone greets you with “What “s up? rdquo;, the only two right answers are “Nothing rdquo; or “Not much rdquo;.

– The word “friend rdquo; is not actually a friend. The “close friend rdquo; is a friend.

– You can “t and shouldn “t try to bribe the policeman that is about to write you a ticket.

– All toys are made in China.

– They call football soccer.

– In America, the English speaking country, you have to press 1 if you want to continue in English.

– American dream is not to buy a house, but to have money for downpayment for a house.

– These to block is a safe area to live, the next block is dangerous, and than it “s safe again.

– In December, you can see a Christmas tree next to Hanukah candles in every store ndash; business is business.

– Lots of people around the world do not like America because they want their country to be like America.

– If you want to turn a friend into an enemy, lend him money.

– People are the same in every country, but Americans are lucky to be born in the society and smart enough to maintain the society that is very close to the needs of a regular Joe.

– The best quote ever( by Henry Ford): “If you think you can do a thing or think you can ‘t do a thing, you ‘re right “.

I travel a lot and have seen places were I “d like to live for a year or so, but overall, the USA is the best country for me. What a country!


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