Unusual Medical experiments on me

Last week I was on my annual skying vacation. I was a part of a large group of people who went to this resort. There were several medical doctors in our group, and one of them asked me at the dinner, “give me your hand “. She asked me to form an O-shape with my thumb and middle finger of one hand while the finger of my other hand was pointed at my heart. Then she tried to spread my O-fingers apart. I resisted and she was not able to do it. Then she said, you heart is healthy, now point at your lung, then liver and so on. An experiment was going on, and at some point, while pointing at one of my organs, whe was able to spread my fingers apart (to prevent stupid questions and joke, let me just say that this was an internal organ) . She said, “you ‘ve got some problems there. Now take a glass of beer in your other hand “. This time she also was able to tear my finges apart. She concluded that beer is not too good for me. With Jack Daniels my fingers were even weaker… I said, that most likely it ‘s happening because my fingers were tired and could not resist as strong as in the beginning of these tests. She responded, “OK, form the O and point at your heart again “. This time I also was able to keep my O together!

A number of people started screaming “me too, me too “, and she said to one lady not to eat apples, the other one should have removed oranges from her diet…

She explained that she ‘s practitioning a Japanese methodology called Bidigital O-ring (she ‘s licensed american MD), and using this method she successfully helps patients in diagnosys of the internal diseases and creating special diet using food supplements.

Other doctors from my our group remained sceptical and did not believe that this was a valid methodology. But it was really an interesting experiment.


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