Fortune Magazines list of 100 best companies

Fortune Magazine ‘s list of 100 best companies to work for. Who ‘s the number one?

Thake a guess…Three…Two…One…Google .

Check out this youtube video. I wonder who pays for this happiness? Let ‘s take a typical boring floor at a large corporation with a smelly carpet and a cafeteria that serves hamburgers and grills frozen Philly cheesestakes charging $5 for each. Say, a gross salary of an average employee in this boring place is $80K a year. This average employee here is… well an average person. I ‘ve heard that Google salaries are lower than you might expect. But their approach to HR is very smart. Say, thay pay a person $70K and use the remaining $10K to offer “free ” food, “free ” gym, and “free ” laundry and car wash, and most importantly, promotion of Google ‘s work culture. It ‘s smart, and they know how to do it right. If you noticed, one girl on this youtube video said that she likes to spend time at Google more than in her family…She hit the nail right on the head:

Google has built a place were lonely geeks having no personal lives can hang out

These are some sample interview questions if you want to apply for job there.

And this is a description of the intervewing with Google by one person, and here ‘s another one .

So where do you want to be – in your old boring cube making $80K or in a bright colorful place making $70K? If you are young, pick the latter.


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