Mac or PC, RIA with Adobe or Microsoft?

My Dell laptop is dying and I had to make a choice – which small screen laptop tp buy next. After having two issues with motherboards Dell is out, and I was choosing between Lenovo X60 (12 “) and MacBook Pro (13 “) with dual boot – OSX or Windows. As a professional enterprise developer I was inclined to stay with PC, and these couple of youtube videos have confirmed my decision – Wintel notebook.

But I ‘m still waiting till Lenovo will start shipping their notebooks with Windows Vista (today ‘s the first official Vista day). That ‘s why I decided to look at the Windows Vista home page . It shows a nice little presentation on Vista using…Flash Player from their rival Adobe. This is a clear indication that Flash Player is a de-facto standard when it comes to delivering multimedia. FLash Player ‘s ubiquity forced Microsoft bite the bullet and use it instead of their Windows Media Player.That ‘s why Adobe Flex and not WPF/E is a tool of choice for rich internet application development…at least for another couple of years.


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