IntelliJIDEA – Java, Ruby…Flex?

JetBrains team is well known and respected in Java community for their excellent IDE called IntelliJIDEA. Java developers in-the-know know – Eclipse is bigger, but IDEA is better. Last year, I had to switch from IDEA to Eclipse, because I ‘ve been doing mixed Java/Flex development, and Eclipse was my only choice.

When JetBrains announced Ruby support in IDEA, it was clear that Ruby fans just won the lottery. The next question in my mind was, “How about supporting Adobe Flex languages – MXML and ActionScript? ” But this was the case when no new was bad news.

Today, I ‘ve got an email with a reference to a ticket opened by Michael Klishin in the IDEA ‘s bug tracking and project management database that asks for Flex support. Way to go, Mike! I ‘m with you.

JetBrains, go for it! Adobe Flex is here to stay, and having two Flex IDEs is better than one.


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