Finally, or new book is in flash, I mean in print

A couple of weeks ago I stopped by at our publisher ‘s offices (Sys-Con Media) and they showed me our Flex book with the correct cover, but all pages were blank. Yesterday, I ‘ve got an email from them with the words, “Yakov your book is ready, stop by and pick it up “. The guys from production department are really nice, so they ‘ve attached this video just to show me that the book is really really finally super-duper ready. Check this out (the video file is large though).

The book was officially announced over here, and first will be shipped to hundreds and hundreds of people who pre-ordered the book. BTW, people who will purchase the book online should get the PDF version of the book right away, and will receive the printed version as well.

Sys-Con packages the book with a DVD that in addition to the source code of the book samples includes the video of all presentations from the Flex Seminar that took place last Summer in New York City. This package costs $69 USD. I ‘m sure some people will say, it ‘s still expensive. I have two answers to this, pick the one you like:

1. We (the authors) did not set the price

2. Anatole, Victor and I spent a year (in addition to our regular day jobs) writing this first advanced book on Flex, and I personally believe that it worth every penny.

If you are planning to attend the AJAXWorld in March, the book will be sold cheaper there, plus we ‘ll participate in the book signing event and will run one day hands-on Flex bootcamp one day before the conference. Stop by to say hello, and enjoy the reading!

Yakov Fain


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