You are the only person in the conference

A typical corporate morning…Dial in the bridge line…the pass code… “Your pass code has been accepted. You are the only person in the conference “. And then this music that never changes starts slowly destroying my mood. I mean c ‘mon – it ‘s the iTunes era. Can ‘t someone in these telecom giants come up with a program that would RANDOMLY select a melody from a library? Not just yet. The same melody for over 10 years! Tam-ta-ta-ta-Tam-Tam-Tam! Tam-ta-ta-ta-Tam-Tam-Tam! When someone places you on hold, they have a second melody, which is also the same for years. This elevator music is just killing me – I ‘m losing productivity! And I have only one or two meetings a day.

Now I understand why corporate managers look so depressed. On average, they have ten meetings a day, and each of these poor creatures consumes at least 10 minutes of Tam-ta-ta-ta-Tam-Tam-Tam daily. Nazis were using non-stop loud music for tortures in their concentration camps. They did not know that a quiet Tam-ta-ta-ta-Tam-Tam-Tam could have been more effective.


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