Immersing into Flex, Java, AJAX, and Microsoft

I ‘ll spend the second half of March ’07 teaching and learning about all these different but related technologies. After finishing an SOA project, my brain needs a good massage, and I consider all these conferences and training sessions as a luxury SPA. Here ‘s my plan (If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans).

1. March 18. I ‘m running with my partner n intensive one-day Flex Bootcamp as a part of the AJAXWorld conference. It ‘s going to be an absolute hands-on class (everyone must bring their laptops), and we ‘ll create two working applications during this session: a fancy RSS reader in Flex, and a working Flex-Java-DBMS distributed CRUD application. In my opinion, this is a very good injection for anyone who ‘s planning to jump-start a real world Flex/Java project.

2 . March 19-21. AJAXWorld 2007 Conference and Expo, which has a number of world class speakers and I ‘ll turn from an instructor into a student. Meeting with so many smart technologists in the same place at the same time is a great way to learn. During this conference I ‘ll be also participating in our book signing event and will be available for any conversations. Our company is one of the sponsors of this conference, so look for a large sign Farata Systems and stop by for a chat.

3. March 21, 7PM. I ‘ll be presenting at Princeton Java Users Group on creating rich Internet Applications with Flex and Java. This is a free event, please come over, if interested.

4. March 26-28. I was invited to attend Microsoft Technology Summit – it should be an interesting event, where I ‘ll become a learner again. Microsoft has invited a small group of technologists to visit Redmond and meet with people who create Microsoft tools. As far as I understand, they have invited people from non-Microsoft camps, and I ‘m going there as Java programmer.

That ‘s all for March. In April, get back to regular a consulting/training/mentoring work – I need to pay my bills, you know. If anyone is interested in learning Flex attending evening sessions over five weeks, enroll in my class at New York University that starts on April 12.


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