Me goes to Redmond. Day 1.

It “s Sunday morning and I “m sitting on the plane that “s going to Seattle. Microsoft has invited a group of about 50 people from around the country to participate in Microsoft Technology Summit 2007. I “m not sure why I was invited as I “m still thinking in Java, so my first goal is to find out what criteria was used to form this group. The invite sated that all expenses would be paid by Microsoft, which made it a good case to be presented to my wife (I “d need to miss a couple of days of work). To my surprise, she said immediately, “You should go there rdquo;. So here I am flying to Seattle once again (six months ago I was there to study and take the test to become an Adobe Certified Flex Instructor.

This summit is a three day seminar where people who create Microsoft software products will present them to us, and we are encouraged to engage into open conversations and critique if need be. Three days is a bit too much for me, so I “ll spend there full Monday and Tuesday immersing into Microsoft “s very soft ware.

Now about the important stuff ndash; tonight is a reception at the restaurant, Monday night is a dinner and wine tasting, and we “ll have a beer on Tuesday evening. This is were you actually start real networking and learn something that Google does not pick up. I love meeting people, and I “m sure that getting together with Microsoft team and the summit invitees will be a memorable and useful experience. Stay tuned.

This blog was written on the plane and posted from a Seattle taxi cab. 21st century, you know…


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